Eugénie Baccot

Documentary Photographer


My particular approach to photography and writing focalizes the strong narrative presence of pure documentary, intensely human, putting her subjects before all, both in France and abroad.

As a French freelance photographer, my photography is interested in mankind in her/his encompassing milieu. For my projects, I often devote several months, even years of work and reflection. Time is the essential element; I firmly believe that to document the lives of others, one must first take the time to truly know them.

My photographic vision is committed somewhere halfway between photojournalism and fine art photography. I aspire to document life from a humanistic angle as to reveal the overlooked beauty of the world around us.

I carry out personal photographic and editorial projects which I later diffuse in the French and international press. My pictures have been published in Le Monde, Le Monde des Religions, VSD, L'Express, StudioCineLive, Socialter, WeDemain, Days Japan, Causette, Pèlerin, Ca M'intéresse, Libération Voyage, Vivre Bordeaux...

I am represented by the collective agency Divergence Images.