Eugénie Baccot

Documentary Photographer

The Survivors

Victims of acid attacks, hundreds of Ugandans live today wearing the stigma of their burns singed into their flesh. Barely burned or completely disfigured, each were the victims of the same crime which has become common place in their country. Family conflicts or relational tiffs, false identification or a settling the of a score; the reasons for the attacks are diverse and usually insignificant. They are rarely a question of honor or gender as 45% of the victims are men. Not expensive, acid, a liquid not considered a weapon by the Ugandan authorities, is widely available. The simplicity of the gesture, giving ample time for the attacker to disappear, allows safely to inflict the maximum irreparable damage. Once healed, the victims face a greater challenge: to refind their place in a society which hardly condemns these crimes and which the large majority of attackers live freely. The Survivors is a documentary series looking at the community of men and women burned by acid in Uganda. Fighting against their pain, against the stares of others, and a fight to return to normalcy. With strength and courage, The Survivors will find their place : a roof above their heads, a safe job, and a family.

ATTENTION: certain images might be of graphic nature.