Eugénie Baccot

Documentary Photographer


Sold in 2013 by the Diocese of Bordeaux on the commercial website, the future of the Chapel of Christ the Redeemer in Talence seemed all but a done deal. Constructed in 1907, the building now in in virtual shambles closed its doors in 2011. The buyer, a real estate developer, is to transform the building into sixteen homes ranging from a studio to a three-bedroom. Quickly began the slow process of dismantling of the desecrated place of worship. Perched in the belfry, the bell-smiths have removed the bell. The windows are lifted from their hinges. Some, weakened by time, are in a state of decomposition; sheets of plexiglass now covering their gaping entries. Many objects of worship are transferred to other local parishes or sold. Christ's cross is descended. The chapel is gradually emptied of its furniture leaving room for spiders and birds.